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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Twelve Pounds of Christmas

The Christmas season is usually the time of our greatest gains of the year. I hope this little poem eases the pain. Merry Christmas.

Twas the first day of Christmas
With family gathered round
The table filled with pies and such
That adds one holiday pound

Twas the second day of Christmas
And the trimming of the tree
One too many egg nogs
Thus pounds two and three

Twas the third day of Christmas
I dash from store to store
Double latte with whipped cream
Old St. Nick brings pound four

Twas the fourth day of Christmas
Grandma’s fruitcake did arrive
Hope I get that brand new belt
To make room for number five

.Twas the fifth day of Christmas
And I’m in an awful fix
One too many chocolate Santa’s
I fear my pants can’t hold pound six

Twas the sixth day of Christmas
That divinity was heaven
I couldn’t eat just one or two
Now I’ve added on pound seven

Twas the seventh day of Christmas
And I’ve overfilled my plate
Mashed potatoes overflowing
Here comes pound number eight.

Twas the eighth day of Christmas
I’ll have to stand in line
To exchange this gift for a bigger size
To make room for pound nine

Twas the ninth day of Christmas
Go rest ye gentlemen
Watch football from your easy chair
Make room for pound ten

Twas the tenth day of Christmas
The stairs creak as I go down
To the fridge for a midnight snack
This will make the eleventh pound

Twas the eleventh day of Christmas
When one of Santa’s elves
Brought me a half a box of fudge
That quickly adds pound twelve

Twas the twelfth day of Christmas
As my wish list I revise
Now all I want from Santa
Is to fit a smaller size

Happy Holiday’s to all
Is the last wish I say
These twelve pounds of Christmas
Are gone come New Years Day

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