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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's so Real! about it?

Since the inaugural post here at Real! Healthy Cooking the hits have increased and for that I thank you. Since the blog has been up for several months I figure it may be time for a little definition. And in the raging sea of the food and nutrition blogosphere a little definition will surely set Real! Healthy Cooking apart from the rest.

Notice that the Real now has an exclamation mark! That is simply to emphasize that what you get here is real and authentic. These recipes are ones that we use at home and ones that I have used in my cooking classes for many years. These recipes work and are really easy to make. As a rule I only use recipes that are no more than 5-6 ingredients.

Real! Healthy Cooking is a way of creating foods that are, well Real! All of the Real! Healthy Cooking recipes are focused on the four things that we all want from our foods: Taste, Enjoyment, Quick and Healthy.

So Real! Healthy Cooking is tasty, fun, fast and healthy food. Look for the Real! Healthy Cookbook Vol 1 soon. In the meantime stop by often for new recipes and also check out the companion blog . The Conservative Nutritionist promotes the ideas behind Real! Healthy Cooking so order up a slice today.

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